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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Long live independency

Olé olé...
I've been feeling sick since Friday, but Yesterday it broke loose. I coughed till my longues dried out. How our welformed bodies wait patiently for weekends to get sick Sigh.
Anyway... I wasn't sick enough to stay in bed all the time... but couldn't stay up longer than 10 minutes withour feeling like fainting either. I'm too sick to do things, but feel good enough to be able to think instead of just sleep.
And I get a little grumpy whenever I'm sick. I worry about the things I can't do right now becáúse I'm sick. Like when to meet my niece when I can't make it to her birthday, or where to do the laundry...
see... we don't have a washing machine.
And it got me thinking about the following:
If washing machines didn't exist, then less women would've been able to work full time in some office. You'd really need a day at least to do the laundry.
Men wouldn't be single that long, cause they would still live at their parents house, or marry earlier. Why? They'd need someone to do their washing. ;-)
hehe, sounds funny huh? but I'm not really kidding.
It's not just the washing machine,
It just struck me, that we need eachother.
I need someone to make some tea when I'm too sick to do that. I need someone to pick me up when I'm down. It could be my friends, people from my local church, my housemates, my family, my better half... my point is just that I'm not created to be totally independent!
There's a hole system of merchandising and society-atmosphere that proclames independency.
If I should believe television, I could actually start believing that I'm able to live independent on others, and still find happiness.
But I just want to state here: we were made to be dependent upon eachother and God!
When I look around me, I see lot's of people (especially singles, but married couples as well) who're trying their best to be independent, to live 'their' lives independent on others and independent on God.
We work 9 till 5, do the jobs that need to be done in the house, clean, cook or (worse) use microwave-food cause no-one is cooking us something and we're to tired or busy to cook ourselves.
Try to do sports, keep up with their 'social lives' (if that doesn't meen: trying to keep as many contacts to feel more important)
We don't need God, we plan our lives and what God intended us to be is unimportant or too scary cause it might just be exactly what you want to be. ;-)
If we get tired, we forget that God wants to give us real heart-peace. But instead we'll buy shoes, eat more chocolate, work-out more or work a bit harder to forget we feel empty and unaccepted.
And somehow the community provides,
If we want, we could oursource our entire lives to people we don't really know that much. People who wouldn't ask you how you are; babysitters, grocery-delivery-services, microwavefood, msn.
Man, If the supermarket could chew our food for us, we'd let them.
Yes, I know, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.
But I just want to ask you,
Are you, deep inside, busy with trying to be independent?
When you'd like someone just to be there, would you call someone, or actually hesitate because you might interrupt someone elses "fresh&clean" independent lives?
Men, do you ask for directions sometimes? What is it in you that you don't do that?
When I'm really honest, I know sometimes I'm too proud to ask for help. And I hate it.
we're not created to live like that!



At 2:05 AM, Blogger Stevie B said...

Good post. Hope you're feeling better.

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are never totally independent because a human is a social animal. And in a way everyone lives in a small community confined in bigger communities! to quote a famous song "All in all we're all just bricks in the wall" Which is odd, yet a comforting feeling.

you are never alone!

P.S. Get yer housemates to make you some tea/soup next time silly ;)

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Elise said...

Thank you for reading... and commenting.
My housemates did give me tea. They're sweet women.

If you cannot reply with your name, that's oke... but I'd like to know who's comments I'm reading.

The brick in the wall... I kind of get the Idea but, they must be very colourful then?!

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohh hey! sorry elise , tis van Gerben een ex klasgenoot van je ;)

verveelde me enigszins en kwam via hyves hiero en ging is lezen en zodoende...! Was alleen m'n naam vergeten, denk door de lastige manier van comments geven als je geen lid bent

Bricks in the wall slaat eigenlijk gewoon op dat je altijd een deeltje bent van een groter geheel! komt uit een cd van Pink Floyd uit de jaren 60 !

Groeten, en schrijf ze! Gerben

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Elise said...

Hey Hoi Gerben!

k vind 't gewoon leuk om te weten wie reageert.
Ik had vorig jaar ook 'n paar (werk-)loze weken...
Da's heel vervelend op 'n gegeven moment, maar voor je weet weet je niet meer waar je je vrije tijd vandaan moet halen ;-)

You'll be fine.
Tot die tijd zijn je "verveelde" comments wel zo gezellig.

At 8:04 PM, Blogger Frank said...

I (in general) do not like to ask for directions. Not that I am opposed to the idea of asking for another persons help, but to me the joy of reaching my destination on my own is far greater. But you do make some good points. We are living in a world where it's Live Fast and Look Alive and many should ask for directions but onfortunately they don't even know that they are going the wrong way. Actually, I'm a person that has a small circle of friends that prides himself on, indeed, being independent. Don't forget there are people out there, fairly independent who have peace of mind. And men who, (I cannot post this comment without this final statement!) do their washing all on their independent own... :p (mind you, if anyone wants to do my groceries, you can come get my bankcard!)


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