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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Me and Poo(h)

Me and my mattress are one.
And my alarm is horribly disturbing that.
I dreg myself downstairs to the now my eyes have opened just enough to see there's still some coffee left,
so all I need to do is boil some milk to get my needed amount of cafeine
I take the milk out of the fridge...

somehow didn't think I already opened it before, so by means of habbit,
I shake the bottle a few times...
By the time I gave the third shake, I found out that It was already opened...
My eyes have opened a little more, and they see all white spots of milk on the kitchenfloor.
I whipe the floor in this braindead-mood I'm in.and go on with my usual morning-routine.

I go out and take my daily walk to my work.
Because leaves are all over the sidewalks, you could easily slip a bit, so I mind my step,
Just around the corner... my LEFT foot just slipped over something other than just a leaf

- Good morning to you too, it's Dog poo! -

It wasn't too bad, so I descided to walk along, believing it would vanish from under my shoes by the time I got to work,
my soles don't have any profile, so it was gone halfway.
I laughed about myself and didn't think about it anymore
But just two blocks before I arrived at work,

my RIGHT foot ...

- Right -

What was it that morning! Me and poo
Christopher Robinson knows...


By the way:
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They're hilarious
What baking 24 hours straight does to people...


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