Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Who Created The Sky

Any Idea of How Beautiful Autumn Can be
Out Of My Window
I Took This Picture, and it's oké,
In all that is In Me, I could never create a sky like that

Sunday, November 19, 2006


I tried updating for so many times, but couldn't
Wanted to work on a new website, and find some resources, but couldn't
Tried to send out an update-email for next Thursdays biblestudy-evening, but couldn't
Kind of frustrating; not being able to do anything on the internet

My patience has come to an end, and I admit: I cannot go without internet (I proclaim that I won't either).
It explains why things don't get posted around here!:-)
Now you know

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Me and Poo(h)

Me and my mattress are one.
And my alarm is horribly disturbing that.
I dreg myself downstairs to the now my eyes have opened just enough to see there's still some coffee left,
so all I need to do is boil some milk to get my needed amount of cafeine
I take the milk out of the fridge...

somehow didn't think I already opened it before, so by means of habbit,
I shake the bottle a few times...
By the time I gave the third shake, I found out that It was already opened...
My eyes have opened a little more, and they see all white spots of milk on the kitchenfloor.
I whipe the floor in this braindead-mood I'm in.and go on with my usual morning-routine.

I go out and take my daily walk to my work.
Because leaves are all over the sidewalks, you could easily slip a bit, so I mind my step,
Just around the corner... my LEFT foot just slipped over something other than just a leaf

- Good morning to you too, it's Dog poo! -

It wasn't too bad, so I descided to walk along, believing it would vanish from under my shoes by the time I got to work,
my soles don't have any profile, so it was gone halfway.
I laughed about myself and didn't think about it anymore
But just two blocks before I arrived at work,

my RIGHT foot ...

- Right -

What was it that morning! Me and poo
Christopher Robinson knows...


By the way:
Check out these movies from BakingFreaks Bake-A-Ton
They're hilarious
What baking 24 hours straight does to people...

Neat Read

--!!Check This Out!!--

This Article Is Very Very Good,
And I'd like everyone to Read It

Thanks to Gregg

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Don't Go Anywhere

Hi There

it's been a while... that doesn't mean nothing has happened. On the contrary... I couldn't make time to post some of 'all that'
I've had a very interesting week...
Starting last Saturday...
...I needed to go into town, and right before I went, I prayed briefly that I would run into someone to talk to. (I know... THAT desperate to talk... I can't explain, It's a woman-thing I guess) God regularly brings people on my path whom I can relate to at that moment. Well... ask my roommates... they know I regularly get into conversations with people that I've never met before. It's really interesting, and one of the Main reasons why I still like travelling by public transport. Anyway, I ran into Eline, I know her from a lastyears biblestudy. She told me there was going to be a special meeting Sunday in Zeist; A 'holy surprise' meeting. And that news kind of made me descide not to go to my former church that Sunday, but stay in Zeist.

Long story short:
- Saturday evening... meeting to prepare for the biblestudy that had started last Thursday!
The meeting was good... The team is really great, and everytime we meet, no matter how tired I am, give me energy.
- The Sunday morning Holy Surprise meeting was really good, though to me it was still a 'program' rather than a 'listen to God and let Him Surprise us'- meeting. But still considering my preconceived ideas it was a surprising good meeting ;-)
- Sunday afternoon I went back to my mom and went to Marjo's birthday!!! JEEE
- Monday I woke up , feeling so connected to my mattress, but a new week had started...
The rest of the mornings felt likewise... BUT with one huge difference, I descided to stress a bit less about work... It's so weird... colleagues can both bring you to a stressful mind and ease it at the same time.
- THURSDAY bible study evening! We were with 12 people, 5 to 6 teammembers and 6 participants...
we all ate together and really took the time to get to know eachother... I played guitar but didn't do much more that evening other that listening to stories... man, I'm so exited about this... I'll explain later, but I really believe we're going to get to know the Lord better, get to know eachother, learn how to listen to others sincerely.
- Friday...

all I can say is: check this out: It was a bakeaton... I was there, I went to bed early and woke up at three to support this amazing kitchen queeen,... Jolanda was there as well... She stayed up until three, so we switched "Keep Corianne awake and baking" - service. So yeah, I'm a wreck at the moment, but supporting the one and only BAKINGFREAK is worth while!
Hehe... it was fun.