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Saturday, November 10, 2007

No Buts

"gerald troost" and "nobuts" were playing in de Peppel here in Zeist yesterday evening.
It's been a while since I got surprised by music... but here it was.
gerald troost is Dutch worship but with a personal toutch.
The style of music wasn't particularly my cup of tea, but the honesty and the lyrics was!
Nobuts was my style: three guitars (accoustic, electric, bass) and a drummer is all it takes to play good Dutch songs.
Strange to mention this in English...
...but I like good Dutch lyrics. :-)

On of the songs they played was (translated) called: Fear not!
Somehow I sense that that's a word for all christians for the coming season.
Whatever comes, God is with you so be of good courage and fear not!
It's not even a suggestion, it's more like a command: "Fear not!".

I had the opurtunity to talk to Gerald and his wife for a minute. The thing that struck me was, that he is really sharing his own life/songs/music.
It's really courageous to open up like that on stage. And to experience that in a small place like "De Peppel" (quite small , it can contain like 200 people) is really encouraging me to be like that.
I've experienced what it's like to play music in front of a group.
But when it's your own song - that's more fragile.

I hope I'll be albe to translate my emotions/thoughts in songs one day.
Until then, I'll just have to post entries like this and redirect you to websites from people who have developed that gift and put it into practice: "gerald troost" "nobuts"

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