Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Come to Me, I will give you rest (Jesus)

Read carefully...

I enjoyed my day-off yesterday...
Had fun with my housemates... had a typical girl-afternoon and evening...
well... you know... the important things of life.
No seriously
It was great to sleep 12 hours in a row,
To slowly start the day, and spend the rest of it with sweet persons, have some real good conversations... all good

Today at work... not a very busy day, Praise God
I can learn things I need to learn in my own tempo... ánd have the time to take a walk with some of my collegues,
share the gospel...
The more I share the gospel, the more I love it...
How wonderful it is, that there is a truth of the Word of God, speaking about forgiveness, freedom, love, peace and care against a world that proclaims: performance, status quo, ligalism, hatery etc.
You can have some problems with people who used (or better said mis-used) the Bible to be hateful, but God never said: "You shall hate your enemy"
He said "bless your enemy"

I was about to share something about the Encounterday in Rhenen.
It was great to meet with so many (about 20) people that I knew from summer school
A lot of them from Holland. Which was a bit weird, but very encouraging too.
Just good to know that people around my age in Holland do not settle for a "dead religion",
And are going after Jesus.
I was able to talk to a few that I haven't really talked to in the past, so I liked that.
The founder of "Scheeuw om leven" ("Cry for life", referring to the unborn babies who literally open their mouth as a cry, when they're being aborted)... called us all up to join the "Mars voor het leven" (March for life) December 10th. So I will.
If you read this, please consider joining this also!!!

I got home around midnight, and thought about it... It was good, just good... and I did not really feel like God had done something. Though I KNEW He DID, I could not lay my finger on it. So I prayed something I do not often pray, I said: Father thank you, that You changed me today.

And in the morning, as we were going to our sunday-morning meeting, I suddenly felt I had something to share about the encounterday, though I didn't know exactly what God had done, or what exactly He had put into my heart during that day, Somehow I BELIEVED, (which meens I KNEW) I had received something to share. And I was surprised about what came out.
It was a cry for a "real" church,
Calling up the church in the Netherlands to be Pure and Holy, To repent, Becaus Jesus will only return for a spottless bride, and God will only heal this literally sick (think of cancer, aids, depression) nation when His people repent

that has been on my heart lately

Friday, November 25, 2005

I can't make it on my own

It's been a while since I've posted something.
I'll post right now. Knowing that faithfull blog-readers (if any) stop visiting my blog once I stop posting...
Believe me or not, I even skipped lunch to do this...
My dear people, if that's not devotional, than I don't know if my socks are really lightblue today. (and they are, I just checked)

The truth is, I like to treat others as I like to be treated, and since I like to read blogs, I thought there must be people reading mine every now and then.

So, the answer to this day,
It's cold, rainy, stormy weather... would like to know: WHY?!

My answer would be: I don't know,

There's one thing I DO know,
I was glad to help my housemate carrying some stuff this morning, I was glad to honestly tell her I'd like her to give me a lift (becasue of the amazing ... weatherconditions today)

I was in the mood for a serious self-pity-party yesterday, and becasue a friend called me, and shared her experiences from last week, I was totally back-on-truth again...
The truth that Jesus came to give me life,
That it's all about Him

It was so uplifting, just because we talked about how we were doing, about Jesus and the Bible and daily things. How she was so exited about Isaiah, and I was about Nehemia...

Also, next saturday there is a day called: Fire Encounterday... it's in Rhenen (not to far from where I live) And this friend and I, we're going there. Not because we're bad christians
I'm learning to stop being too proud; to admit that I need fellow-followers to keep my nose into the right direction...
To keep following and loving Jesus with all that is in me.

God created us to carry eachothers burdens,
to lift eachother up,
to love eachother
to lay down our lives for eachother

If I read the Bible, God is ALL about relation
Relation between Him and men
But also relations between people

I can't and should not try to make it on my own

This has been on my heart to share this for a while, but I haven't really got the time right now to really make things clear.
I don't know if I made any sence,
And actually... I don't really care
Because, If you are REALLY REALLY interested in the things I just mentioned... than I trust you on posting a comment.

I have to get back to work now

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Last time I posted a comment it was about my dull task...
Today,... I'm still doing the same task (It's just something we've got to finish this week) BUT today I got a nice in-between-task,
The sweet thing was,
That this collegue had some time to actually explain what this department is actually doing/selling/working on...
So I finally feel like I'm starting to understand what MY 'deal' is, in this whole company.

of course,... I already had a general idea, but gaining some more insight was so uplifting....

To add some biblical, I found this verse on insight:

For He has made known to us in all wisdom and insight the mystery of His will, according to his purpose which He set forth in Christ.

My experience is, that the Holy Spirit is our Helper, Who gives us insight while reading the Bible, when whe ask his help.

Friday, November 11, 2005


I'm doing one of the most dull tasks you could ever imagine...

A list of different kind of jobs in a company with let's say... over 5000 coworkers.
You see a jobtitle, and you have to add a matching code to the job-title...

And now I ran in to this jobtitle: JR ASS CONTROLLER

I just can't seem to find the proper jobcode

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Vacancy or vacation

I need a good vacation to another culture...

of would I choose to find a better job...

or both...

or just a good night of sleep

Monday, November 07, 2005

Blessed are the hungry

I’m … being less valuable for my boss as I should today, because I only had like 4, 5 hours of sleep last night. But it was worth it, because I’ve had such an encouraging weekend!
I’ll try to summarise it:

A few young people of our church have been praying for the youth group every Sunday since the beginning of september. The past few times we’ve prayed specificly for the youth meeting we had last Saturday… I was asked to play the guitar… I was a bit nervous… in a healthy way, and after all the prayers I was really really exited about the evening.
During the meeting, I saw prayers being answered right before my eyes. There were like 20 teen – agers, all of them experienced God, and it was like all of them had a "place" in that meeting… which is a miracle in itself, because usually youngsters from that age do not accept each others differences so easily as they did last Saturday. That is what I love about being one (body) in Christ.

It may sound like an average meeting, but to our youth this is a huge miracle. Also, it was not the amount of teen-agers that counted, it’s the genuine touch of God… It ’s so important to experience Him. I’m so glad Gregg, Dan and Frank were there to serve these teen-agers that night. Next satuday me and some other girls are going to join the youth-meeting again, as a "follow-up".

Now last Sunday (the morning after ;-))Gregg, Dan, Frank & his wife & daughter, Loes and LJ were in our Sunday-morning-meeting. For me, I was so glad to be able to talk (shortly) to them. And I was so encouraged by the testimonies, prayers and just the fact that they were there with us.A lot of teen-agers who were there on Saturday, were there as well (it was great to see they were eager to experience more)… I’ve asked some girls to give me their adress, so we could write eachother, that would be great! My vision for Dutch teenagers has been refreshed during that meeting…
sigh If only words could tell what’s on my heart

Yesterday evening I joined my mom and a colleague and a friend to a healing-meeting somewhere in Holland. It lasted till midnight, but it was worth it, both the colleague and the friend got touched by God, and a lot of miracles happened that evening!
And I was so exited to see faith and hope like rising in people during that evening. BUT something struck me… which made me sad in a way: this pastor who is dilligently serving this sick nation, is doing what all Dutch christians should be doing: preach the gospel, preach hope, and lay hands on the sick. Well, even though the music, and the way they arrange the whole evening is not "my style", it’s great that this church is known for miracles and hope.

I’m going home… write one of the girls I got an adress from, and ehm… EAT
Blessed are the hungry

Friday, November 04, 2005

Zeist en Wijk (Wijk en Aalburg)


I should add more pictures...
I just don't feel like doing that sometimes

But take my word for it...
Zeist is (For Dutch standards) absolutely beautiful during the fall
I've enjoyed every single (rainy) day :-)

THis sunday Gregg will come to our church...
But tomorrow he'll come to speak at a youth-praise-meeting in Wijk.... (short for: Wijk en Aalburg, not to be mistaken for Wijk bij Duurstede)
I'm so exited about this evening.
It will be great!
I hope to see eyes of these teen-agers changed, (which is not possible without a changing-miracle in someones heart, God alone can do so)

Put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is UNFAILING LOVE and FULLY REDEMPTION

Working 9 till 5

When I started my job, I just knew that somehow I'd learn a lot, even though the job is simple; following orders that's all.

I've learned how to do certain tasks that are essential in the department, BUT that's not what I'm talking about...
This week, I was at work, I had some things to do, but not enough to fill my day with. Somehow no-one seemed to have time to teach me how to do something new.
So, I got myself my third cup of coffee,
And a third visit to the toilet (the place where great insight-moments take place, and the place of deliverance)
So there I was, thinking about my job, and in my thoughts I said: "I'm doing absolutely nothing"

It's like a simple cry of someone feeling useless for this sickly achievement oriented society or something like that.
And immediately an answer-thought came: "True", "Sometimes you just don't have to do anything."

It's difficult to feel valuable when you're actually doing nothing. But God is not really interested in 'me-being-busy'... He created me, and therefore I am useful and valuable, I cannot do anything about it. That is such a relieve! But also something I have to learn... I'm still learning this... but this week was like a revelation on that.

I'm not saying that from now on I will make a total mess of my life, body, job, study, relations...
But the case is, not to measure who I am in Christ, on what I achieve / on how busy I am.